Digital Transformation

Rapid changes in an organization’s ecosystem create misalignments between the requirements of clients and business partners and the established business processes.

A transformation approach to digital processes must be based on optimized and well-documented processes. Automating these processes will help you be more efficient, simplify your business, and monitor your key performance indicators.

Intregra-co is offering a comprehensive approach to:

  • Analyze your existing business rules and processes
  • Measure
  • Identify areas needing optimization
  • Simulate different process scenarios
  • Design and Implement Business Proceesses that tie together human tasks and automation
  • Automate processes (workflow) that were performed manually
  • Monitor in real-time to address potential problems and bottlenecks

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White Paper  - Motivations et caractéristiques d'une plateforme BPM. (in French - Translation to come soon)  as well as the article (English) on traps to avoid:

      "When your business sets off on a journey of digital transformation, beware of the traps that lay ahead."