Single Repository

Information systems are increasingly rich, complex and heterogeneous. Data come from multiple sources (e-commerce, POS, CRM, HRIS, Accounting, etc) and is used differently across the organization. Determining where lies the most reliable (data integrity) and up-to-date data and how it should be shared among systems is a daily challenge for most organizations.

A central repository containing all IS data is often the solution, but its effectiveness can be compromised if data quality and traceability is not rigorously reinforced. Integra-co implements Blueway MDM to solve quality and traceability issues. It offers a flexible, ergonomic and above all pragmatic tool to build a central repository that will become your unique source of data. Offering a straightforward setup, Blueway centralizes all cross components of the system without requiring any line of code to be written. Blueway repository can be stored in various databases according to your needs. 

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MDM and Single Repository