Personalized Dashboard

The implementation of performance measurement systems can prove to be an important way to track the progress of your business. This gives you vital information about what is happening and also provides the starting point for establishment of targets that will help you implement your growth strategies.

Integra-co Experts can accompany you to draw synthetic dashboards that speak to you, that help you to communicate effectively. With the help of Blueway Enterprise Service Bus  your dashboard tool can be integrated with any technology. This will allow you deploy a Business Intelligence tool (BI) for your needs and your existing systems.

A dashboard should allow to handle huge amounts of data and turn them quickly and easily into meaningful information. It should allow you to find answers to your questions in seconds. You can then share your results effortlessly with others in a web mode.

Integra-co can therefore help you to:

  • define your business indicators / metrics
  • define your goals / targets
  • design synthesis report (Dashboard) and communication strategies
  • select your Dashboard and BI (Business Intelligence) tools

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