Project Office Implementation

Project management is becoming increasingly critical to organizational success. Most organizations have set up a Project Office (PMO -Project Management Office) to support the business or are seriously considering it. Integra-co can help you implement a Project Office by supplying a Senior PCO (Project Control Officer).

With Integra-co’s help, your organization can set up a Project Office that will allow you to:

  • Have a comprehensive overview of each project’s progress
  • Follow the projects according to your organization’s strategic priorities
  • Follow the dependencies between your company’s projects : evaluate the impacts on organization and human resources
  • Better anticipate the difficulties and problems in each project
  • Provide the company with project management methodology and tools
  • Improve personnel’s productivity by developing knowledge and abilities
  • Increase the capacity to deliver projects
  • Increase organizational knowledge
  • Accelerate the evolution from operational culture to project management culture
  • Better understand the projects’ risks for your organization


Integra-co can help you define and put in place:

  • mission and objectives of the Project Office
  • organizational structure of the Project Office
  • products and services offered by your Project Office
  • a communication plan
  • a transition plan
  • supply a Senior PCO (Project Control Officer) 

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