CIO as a Service

Keeping up with changing technology can be tough. New technology is emerging every day, and it’s being adopted faster than ever before. Companies are now under constant pressure to upgrade to the newest tech to stay on top, and insure that it bring values to shareholders.

Do any of these describe your company?

  • It seems like IT is always in fire-fighting mode
  • Our systems don’t keep up so we have to keep adding people
  • We need a new system – but how do we choose the right one?
  • How can we use technology to keep growing and stay ahead of the competition?
  • We have a M&A transaction coming-up… and nobody to handle the technology aspects (due diligence and integration plan)
  • Remember losing power last year? – What if it was a week or more!

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) can be the critical driver of a successful IT strategy – but having that kind of expertise on your payroll can be very costly. That’s why Intégra-co offers CIO-as a Service (or CIO on Demand). You’ll get the expert advice and experience that you need only when you need it. You’ll only pay for the services you use.

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